Your Affordable Dentist in Cathedral City

Having the smile you’ve always wanted begins with healthy teeth. At the office of Dr. Ruben Mendez, we offer comprehensive and therapeutic services to create a great smile, plus a wide range of specialty options to keep it that way.

Reinvent Your Smile With Gorgeous Veneers

Nature may not have given you the smile you wanted, but with dental veneers you can enjoy a dramatic smile makeover in just a visit or two. Choose from any of our veneer options:

  • Zirconia has excellent strength, durability and longevity – and they look great!
  • Composite veneers are an economical, hand-sculpted option that’s crafted in the office
  • Porcelain offers a luminous, attractive enhancement

Created from thin material that slips over the visible surface of your tooth, veneers will mask irregularities such as gaps, cracked or stained teeth, and tooth misalignments. Skip two years of orthodontics and have a straighter, dazzling smile right away!

Mouth Guards

Whether you need a better night’s sleep or some extra protection for your teeth, we have a mouth guard to meet your needs. Dr. Mendez offers three types of dental appliances, including:

  • Sports Guards – To protect your teeth, gums and tongue when you hit the field or the court. Reduce your risk of concussion and damaged teeth or soft tissue with one of our customized athletic appliances.
  • Sleep Guards – Get a better night’s sleep, without the snoring! Our night-time appliances encourage better jaw position to help with your snoring issues.
  • Bruxism Guards – If you grind your teeth while you sleep, our night guards will protect your teeth from wear and tear, and help relieve your TMJ symptoms.

Root Canals

If you’re suffering from an infected tooth or damaged dental nerve, you’ll be glad to know that gentle endodontic therapy is available at our Cathedral City dentistry. Feeling nervous about your treatment? Don’t be! The discomfort from your already damaged tooth is often the worst pain you’ll experience, and Dr. Mendez can help to relieve it.

Tooth Extractions

A crowded smile, advanced gum disease, or severely decayed tooth may be best treated by pulling the affected teeth. Dr. Mendez has extensive oral surgery experience to provide the best treatment for you. Whether you need your wisdom teeth removed or a painful tooth to be extracted, we can help get your smile back on track from the comfort and convenience of our Cathedral City office.